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Why Prefer Air Freight?

When your company's goods need to be delivered over greatdistances in a hurry, effective airfreight services are essential. If acompany wants to quickly acquire specific components,equipment, or essential supplies from numerous vendors spreadacross numerous regions, air freight transportation is also ofgreat assistance.
Compared to other forms of surface transportation, air freight services are the most dependable, safest, and efficient. Why,then, should your company use air freight services to save time and money?

1.No downtime.

The biggest advantage of Airfreight is that, there is absolutely nodowntime – Yes , your inventory doesn’t sit idle on the most famous sea routes and fancy warehouses across the world. Air freight helps you improve your inventory turnover and helps you run your business efficiently. At Sarvam Logistics, we ensure we offer optimal airfreight solutions to meet efficiency goals.

Also airfreight has the minimum handling when compared to all modes of shipments thereby reducing the chances of handling related damages due to minimal loading and unloading and it also helps in avoiding loss of cargo.

Also, airfreight is the most traceable form of shipment across borders. The logistics service providers can easily help you track the shipment as it is easy to do the same with air carriers. Several air carriers also sent real time updates on the location of the shipment on a regular basis to make it easy for the logistics services provider and the customer.

Why Prefer Air Frieght Forwarding?

2. Speedy Transit

Air cargo is largely preferred by the consumers due to the speed of transit- Multiple air routes can be possible depending on the cost, time and safety requirements of the consumer. Sarvam Logistics has access to the data on various air carriers, route traffic and weather related information helping us provide the best choice according to the customer requirement.
The advantage of air freight is that the probability of external factors such as ground related disruptions and weather related disruptions are relatively low and are largely within the threshold of the customer requirement.
Multiple options in air transportation including air cargo, air charter, air freight gives a wide range of flexibility in terms of shipment size and delivery dead lines. Also, all the lights are vetted perfectly every single time to ensure that they meet the best safety standards making it the most risk free option.

3. Quickest Service

Once you do a shipment in a air carrier , an account is created for you with all the base details which can be directly picked up in subsequent shipments making it largely hassle free for the logistics service provider thereby increasing the speed of the entire process.

4. Widest Network

Air traffic has the widest network of shipment options across all modes – Unlike the roads or the sea freight, air freight has excellent penetration across the world making it possible to ship things across the globe in a jiffy. It also has the minimal risk compared to other forms of freights.
Start leveraging the extensive air freight options from Sarvam Logistics Pvt Ltd and meet your business goals in the least possible time with least possible risk.

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