Cross-Border Logistic Services

India shares its land border with countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan. There is huge market across the India-Bangladesh and India-Nepal border. The trade agreements between the countries helps the export market. Navigating Indian supply chain structure can be difficult. Clients face lot of challenges when importing and exporting goods. Road transports are preferred for time and cost-effective shipments. Challenges include border crossing hours, customs IT interruptions, and other unforeseen factors.

SARVAM has an experience of 20+ years in handling cross border logistics. We help your cross-trade business with our expertise and logistics network.

We have contract with truck operators between these countries. At SARVAM, we have handled various types of products. Our value proposition is our expertise in handling the high value and complex shipments with ease.

SARVAM is known for its established processes and procedures. Our history defines our time sensitive delivery and safe delivery. Our system keeps you updated on every stage of the logistics process. This keeps you assured about your shipments.

Our Approach On Cross Border Freight Services

Planning For Cross Border Freight

Understanding the regulations and requirements for the supply chain.

Cross Border Regulation Knowledge

Everything varies every single day. We stay updated on regulations for every country 24*7.


Based on the market, and the regulation complexity we offer you the best rates.


For cross-border paperwork, we have end-to-end assistance. Yeah, it is possible to reduce the risk at the source.

Status Update

We take the utmost caution of your precious cargo. You can depend on us for a peaceful border crossing.

Clarity in Process

We provide complete transparency on the entire process of logistics chain.

Why Sarvam Logistics for Cross-Border Services?

Delivery cost savings

Our expert teamwork out and gives you the most economical solution

Improve delivery times

We understand the value of time and work on fastest delivery solution.

Improve customer experience

We keep improving our methods and service to enable customer friendly delivery

Reduced inventory costs

The network of our logistics partners lets us move the consignment seamlessly.

Safe and Secure

Every document and regulation are followed with care. This enables secure transportation of the goods.

Know More About Cross Border

What is cross border delivery?
When goods are shipped from one country to another without inventory being processed in the destination country, this is known as cross-border transportation. The products will pass through customs based on existing trade arrangements.
What are the current patterns in cross-border e-commerce purchases?
Cross-border e-commerce is rising in several industries. Pumps, garments, yawn, machineries, personal goods, meats, and luxury products are all thriving in contrast to others.
What is the significance of cross-shipment?
A cross-shipped object is a new item that is delivered to the customer straight away at the period when the customer is required to return the original item to the business.
Which areas in Tamil Nadu are you able to offer logistics services?
We are able to offer logistics services in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Erode, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Pondicherry, Vellore and Tirupur.
In which areas do you provide freight forwarding logistics services in India?
We have a team of logistics professionals who would be happy to assist you with all of your export and import needs. We can provide freight forwarding logistics services in all parts of India, including Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Nagpur, Pune, Nashik, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.
What are the key locations from which cargo is exported by road to Bangladesh?
Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Karur, Chennai and other major south-Indian cities.
Strategies for successful cross border logistics business?
1. Establish warehouses near borders.
2. Work with bonded or C-TPAT- certified carriers.
3. Determine an optimum shipping model based on product.
4. Utilize a transportation management system (TMS).
Do you serve import and export logistics services globally?
We offer global import and export logistics services, and our expert team is standing by to help you with your international shipment. We can provide export and import logistics services in a wide range of countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Africa, Asia, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar / Burma, Malaysia, China, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, USA, and Indonesia.

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