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  • What Are The Documents Required For Air Freight?

    The Air Waybill (AWB) is the title document for commodities travelling by air and is a non-negotiable, Commercial invoice. A packing list is a list of the contents of a box that completes the details on the invoice that the sender must issue, Authorization for customs clearance.

  • How Much Does Air Freight Cost?
  • What Is Air Chartering?
  • What Is The Difference Between Air Freight And Air Courier?
  • What Is The Biggest Advantage Of Air Freight?
  • Is Air Cargo Charges For Packaging High?


  • Ocean Freight – Is It The Cheapest Option?

    Yes, we could argue that ocean freight is one of the cheapest options available for international shipments. It is roughly ten times more affordable compared to air freight. Best suited for stable supply chain requirements.

  • Ocean Freight - Pre-Requisites?
  • Ocean Freight – Risk Reduction?
  • Ocean Freight – Selection Parameters?
  • Ocean Freight – How To Leverage?
  • Ocean Freight – Storage?


  • What Is The Procedure For Customs Clearance?

    The Procedure is on a general layer divided into two stages-Arrival of goods and methods before lodgement of goods and the Procedure for clearance of Imported Goods. Both stages have a lot of paperwork involved.

  • How Is Clearance Of Letter Mail Articles Done?
  • Where Can A Passenger Lodge His-Her Complaints Or Suggestions Regarding Customs?
  • How Much Time Does Customs Clearance Take In India?


  • Multimodal Transport – Intermodal Transport Differences?

    In multimodal transport, a single contract governs the ent. In intermodal transport, there are several contracts at the same time.

  • Should We Choose Specific Multimodal Transport Containers?
  • Multimodal Transport – Bill Of Lading Differences?
  • How To Track A Multimodal Transport Document?
  • Who Provides The Multimodal Transport Document?
  • Is Multimodal Freight The Best Option Available?


  • What Is The Difference Between Bulk And Break Bulk Cargo

    The term BULK refers to dry cargoes such as iron ore, grain, coal, alumina, and phosphorus that are transported in bulk and loaded directly in the holds of the ship. BREAK BULK refers to transactions in which cargoes are transported in unitized form, such as palletized, bagged, strapped, wrapped, drummed, and crated, as well as non-unitized general cargo.

  • What Is A Break Bulk Cargo Ship
  • What Is A Break Bulk Warehouse?
  • How Is Break Bulk Cargo Calculated?


  • Do You Handle Exhibition Logistics End To End?

    Yes. All you need to do is, decide the items you want to showcase. We will ensure hassle-free and duty-free to and fro shipment for your exhibition.

  • Do You Offer Loading And Unloading Services?
  • How Is Project Shipment Different From Normal Goods?
  • How Is Exhibition Shipment Different From Normal Shipments?


  • How Does ECommerce Logistics Work?

    Inventory control, warehousing, packing, tagging, billing, delivery, payment collection, return, and trade are all examples of logistics processes. All of this adds up to a difficult challenge that necessitates the implementation of a fail-safe plan.

  • E-Commerce Freight - Risks?
  • What Is The Difference Between The Three Forms Of Logistics?
  • What Is E Logistic?


  • Cross Trading And Cross Border Trade Differences

    In cross trading, there are three players in three different countries. In cross border trade, the goods are moved from one country to another through the land with minimum clearance procedures.

  • Cross Trading - Scenarios
  • In Cross Trading, Does My Goods Move Across Three Countries?


  • What Is Cross Border Delivery?

    When goods are shipped from one country to another without processing inventory in the destination country, this is known as cross-border transportation. The products will pass through customs and based on existing trade arrangements.

  • What Are The Current Patterns In Cross-Border E-Commerce Purchases?
  • What Is The Significance Of Cross-Shipment?
  • Strategies For Successful Cross Border Logistics Business?


  • What Is The Warehousing Process?

    Warehousing is the process of storing goods which are to be distributed later. A warehouse is defined as any place which is used in the accumulation of goods.

  • What Kind Of Reports Will We Be Able To Get?


  • Temperature Sensitive Freight - Considerations?

    Key considerations to think about before choosing a temperature controlled solution.

    • The acceptable temperature and humidity range

    • The margin of error for the temperature

    • Acceptable levels of risk

    • Potential areas of risk and touch points

    • Specific no-go actions that may compromise the integrity of the product

  • What Are The Key Touch Points For Temperature Sensitive Cargo?
  • What Are The Types Of Temperature Controlled Logistics?


  • What Are The Documents Required For Single Transit Cover?

    • Name and Address of the Insured
    • Commodity
    • Packaging Information
    • Mode of Transit (By Rail/Road/Air/Sea/Courier/Post)
    • Voyage From and To
    • Sum Insured (Invoice Value)
    • Basis of Valuation (Invoice Terms)
    • Copy of Invoice.
  • What are the documents required for Marine Open Policy?
  • Explain Types Of Risk Coverage?
  • Ocean Freight – Selection Parameters?

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