Industrial Logistics Services, India

Aerospace and Defense

Sarvam Logistics provides distribution of missiles, spacecraft, civil or military dual-use and oversized engine parts transport with good shipping handling expertise for the Aerospace & Defense industry to set high-quality logistics support the standard.

Agriculture & Perishables

Put your agricultural shipping needs in the hands of Sarvam Shipping Services to make sure your machinery or equipment are shipped on time and within the budget to your destination. Our Agricultural Transport & Logistics operated by skilled transportation professionals.


We offer services to different sub-segments for the Healthcare industry at cooled room temperatures: Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices & Hospital Equipment, Surgical materials, Dental industry, Nutritional related industries, Orthopaedic industry, etc.

Valves & Pumps

We completely understand your company and your customers' desires to have market logistics solutions that meet your expectations. We dedicate ourselves to managing time to market so that you can deliver on your commitment to ending buyers in a safe and actual world situation.


Sarvam Logistics is India's leading automobile logistics firm, with air cargo, road cargo, and sea freight terminals. Transportation of vehicles or spare parts from suppliers to retailers in the destination area with the highest standard of reliability and safety.

Engineering & Industrial Products

We are experienced in handling large equipment and project cargo safely. Sarvam Logistics conducts both high and heavy operations for the engineering industries. We execute several activities for you that add value. We have a similar connection to the container terminal as well.

Fashion & Retails

Sarvam Logistics knows the importance of speed, efficiency, flexibility, and shift adaptation in this fashion industry. We're your fast solution to consumer demands and a trusted partner for handling your whole supply chain, from delivery to warehousing and other value-added services.

Machinery & Equipment’s

Our logistic services in India for various products and special transportation requirements pose a unique logistic challenge for Machinery & Equipment. We will provide you with extensive container management as part of your production supply and disposal.

Dangerous Goods

Our specialist chemicals team will fulfil your company's requirements for a safe and secure supply chain for dangerous goods due to their vast background in handling chemical products and continuing expertise in dangerous goods and freight regulations.


We're working together to ensure that your product is cared for and monitored according to the specifications. You can rely on Sarvam Logistics to take care of your products in handling and delivering what your cargoes need, ensuring the highest degree of efficiency of service.

Oil and Gas

Sarvam Logistics will assist you in every step of the process, starts with safe and reliable oil and gas product transportation. Our experienced workers will support you with handling the whole supply chain. Our business goal is to address your unique needs by providing dedicated support in each field.

Green Energy

Sarvam Logistic has trained and skilled teams in freight handling. We examine and recommend the most suitable methods/tools and access for transporting cargo to any location. We have a strong position in the logistics for the renewable green energy industry.

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