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What to know while shipping goods internationally?

From the cost point of view, it is essential to understand the landing cost, which includes various aspects like shipping charges, taxes, duties, insurance components, etc. Each of these costs should be clearly defined, as should who bears them.

Aspects Included:

It is also essential to understand the various elements included. For example, certain shipping companies might consist a maximum of $100 with their shipping charge, which can be topped up depending on the value of the goods. Other aspects, like whether there is a proof of delivery charge, how the tracking details are shared, etc., are to be known before deciding on the carrier.

Trade Agreements and Regulations:

Essential aspects of shipping are understanding what items are permitted for import and export in terms of the geography under consideration. For example, the Government of India recently held wheat exports from India to cater to domestic requirements. If you take Australia, it doesn't allow shipments of medicine, plants, plastic kitchen utensils, etc. The intermediaries must be aware of the country's specific category restrictions before proceeding with the shipment to save unnecessary transportation charges.

4 Things You Need to Know While Shipping Goods Internationally

Customs Documentation:

The customs documents ensure that your goods reach your consumer's doorstep properly. In local shipping, we may not have the practice of listing the content of the package on the shipping label. However, in international shipments, the contents of the package must be labeled in a specific manner, such as headphones, rather than electronic goods
Also, you need to elaborate on the product's intended use—it can be for consumption, sale, resale, manufacturing, etc. You need to share the origin country properly. Please note that the origin country and shipment port can differ depending on whether it is a transshipment or not. Hence, clarity on the country of origin is a must. Mentioning the product's value, HSN Code, etc., is vital as these are essential details, and the government also uses these data in policy making. Lack of clarity in any of these might cause undue delays in shipping.

Size and delivery time:

As in any shipment, clarity on the package size and weight will play an essential role in determining the shipping cost. Also, it is better if you can plan your shipments so that you can optimize the logistics costs. The rates can rise in international logistics, throwing a spanner in your logistics costs. As a result, shipping should be planned ahead of time to save money on logistics.
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