Aerospace, Aviation & Defense Industry

Aviation, Defence and Aerospace are among the highly valued and technically sensitive products of logistics chain with a complex government compliance, it requires comprehensive logistics and trade services. We continually enhance our process to counter the challenges in this industry. SARVAM’s vision is to provide flawless practise for our network of global customers.

We serve the marine and aerospace industry including defence, airlines, tier suppliers, OEMs and raw material providers. We provide expertise to enhance your supply chain without much effort. Our logistics teamwork 24*7 aiding the nature of your industry with non-stop on-time deliveries.

The Government of India unveiled the Tamil Nadu Defence Industrial Corridor, which includes Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, Salem, and Hosur. This corridor would encourage clusters of appropriate testing and certification facilities, export facilitation centres, and technology transfer facilitation, among other things.

Our strong presence and experience in Coimbatore, Chennai, Trichy, Tuticorin, Hosur and Salem makes us the ideal logistics for any Aerospace and Defence industry.

What Makes Sarvam Logistics Different

Custom Built Solution

Custom Built solution Every industry requires a different solution, every product needs a unique handling. At SARVAM we work out the solution that best fits your needs

Turn-Key System

We have a framework for our workflow which enables efficient supply chain. Our framework of Understand, Enquire, Plan, Offer makes the process of embracing your products into our system easy.

Specialized Team

20+ years of experience in logistics, working with major firms across various demands have made our team specialized in every aspect of logistics.

Tech Savvy

We believe in technology as our heartbeat. We take in all possible technology of logistics to enable our customers cutting edge solutions for their supply chain needs.

Customer Friendly Approach

We treat our customers as our partners. Once you trust us with your cargo, we commit to a relationship for life time.

Knowledge Hub

We serve as your google for every logistics query. We stay updated with all regulations, technology and many more so that we can assure a service equivalent to any international cargo company across the globe.

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