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Air Freight Logistics Services

Air Freight

SARVAM is a leading air cargo services provider in south India. We have a vast network of foreign air freight forwarders. It allows us to have a timely service at competitive air cargo prices.

We are an accredited member of the International Air Transport Association. Sarvam has developed commercial relationships with all major airlines, and it helps us emerge as an international freight company with contractual prices.

It helps us provide a broad range of air logistics facilities for shipping worldwide and across a wide range of industries.

We have set our service hubs at Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, and other key locations, operating across the globe in more than 194+ countries. We have experience providing service for Europe, China, the USA, and other vital regions. It helps us provide you with quick transit, constant communication, consolidation, and intermodal opportunities.

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Ocean Freight Logistics Services

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is one of the most cost-effective means of shipments available today. All that is required is a close association with the customer, understanding their requirements in terms of volume, lead time, budgets..

With this close-knit approach in handling the customer’s supply chain, we offer the best possible sea freight solutions. With the access of more than 300 Shipping Routes and 10000 + Port Points, we ensure that ocean freight is a cakewalk.

All the customer has to do is trust us with their international sea freight shipping.

Want to ship to the US? The UK? Australia?….. We have all the major routes covered, from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea, the Pacific to the Atlantic. At Sarvam, the wide range of Sea freight services we offer, let’s your dream set sail!!

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Customs Clearance Logistics Services

Customs Clearance

One of the most important parts of logistics is the customs clearance process. The world economic climate makes customs clearance complex and unstable. Thus vast expertise and knowledge are required to counter these challenges.

Our team of experts have over ten years of custom duty clearance experience. Our experienced team knows the necessity for effective customs brokerage. They also ensure complete compliance with freight safety and security regulations.

Thus, SARVAM helps our clients with seamless supply chain management.

At SARVAM, we keep ourselves updated with regulations for import customs clearance. We also have up-to-date knowledge in customs clearance for export. It enables us to handle customs clearance with higher accuracy. Throughout the transit, our team of experts stays in touch with our clients. We assist with freight handling and solving any related issues.

About Custom Clearance
International Couriers & Parcels Services

International Couriers & Parcels

It requires a different kind of approach to handle small packages. Yes, the most cost-effective option for these is international shipping courier services. It fits the size, suits the urgency, fits the price!!

In our day-to-day life, we encounter several scenarios where we need to send international parcels. It might include valuable documents, small packages, important papers etc. The need, in this case, is mostly speed and safety. We understand this and offer a great international parcel shipping experience

In most cases, we consider overseas parcel shipping as value-added services for our existing customers. Our extensive network with FedEx, DHL, ARAMEX, and other market players help us get the best quote for you with utmost safety. Choose us for cheap international parcels and speedy delivery.

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Storage & Warehousing Services

Storage & Warehousing

Storage and Warehousing of goods after transit before delivering is a huge part of the supply chain. Sarvam Logistics offer contract warehousing for storage and warehousing services for your goods across the globe. Our warehouses are strategically located near airports and seaports around the world to reduce the logistics costs,

Modern packaging, cold storage and warehousing techniques are available. We offer a wide range of value-added services. Some of them are Atmospheric, chilled, frozen, hazardous, and bonded operations and pre-retailing.

Our services are designed to help you reduce delivery times, reduce overall product shipping and warehousing costs, increase supply chain, and improve customer satisfaction.

Sarvam Logistic experts have efficient systems that can generate value for your company by effective means of supply chain management storage and warehousing methods.

About Warehousing
Cargo Insurance Logistics Services

Cargo Insurance

In the case of cargo loss or harm due to a peril protected against when at risk under the scheme, a cargo insurance policy compensates the cargo owner. The bulk of cargo insurance plans are "all risk" underwritten. It means that the insured are covered for all risk of loss or damage except for those risks specifically excluded in the policy, such as loss or damage due to the insured's willful destruction of the inherent vice of the goods.

Furthermore, if a claim is made, the process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

If a lawsuit is filed, international shippers often deal with courts in other countries, putting the consumer at risk of not receiving the loss amount.

It is always better to deal through an intermediary like a consultant or broker for cargo insurances to get help with the correct product and mainly help with claims.

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E-Commerce & Retail Logistics Services

E-Commerce & Retail Logistics

Logistics are being affected by e-commerce, particularly by its business-to-consumer segment. Usually, customers are responsible for purchasing their goods at the retailer’s location.

SARVAM is a one-stop solution for all logistics needs. We have a history of providing orders on schedule. SARVAM is one of the best e-commerce logistics providers in India. We have modern technologies aiding our e-commerce logistics process. Our customers are a testament to our express delivery and service.

We work with business-to-business, business-to-customer, and customer-to-customer industries. Our partnerships with business giants allow us to provide very complex services. We develop our technology to stay ahead in e-commerce delivery solutions.

About Ecommerce Logistics
Cross Trading Logistics Services

Cross Trading

In any business, there is a strong need for secrecy. It is the prime logic behind cross trading applications. Cross Trading ensures good movement from one country to another; however, the invoices reflect shipment from the intermediary’s place.

In transactions like these, where secrecy has to be maintained without the need for unnecessary goods movement, cross trading is the best option.

Direct shipments reduce the additional duty in the intermediary’s country, making cross trading the best choice for people in the domain of international trade.

We can deal with all three parties in the cross trading loop to cater to their cross trading needs. Proper coordination, maintenance of secrecy, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery are the important aspects of cross trading business. We provide the same and ensure a great cross trading experience

About Trading Logistics
Domestic Transport Logistics Services

Domestic Transport Services

Domestic Transport Services include air, land, and rail logistics modes. At SARVAM, we have networks with logistics giants. We do time-definite service, which adds value to customers' supply chains.

We provide a consortium of services from top organizations. We provide cheap space planning and pricing. We hold our service providers to a high standard. Assuring that the shipping complies with strict quality, security, facilities, and technical specifications.

Our technology-oriented approach works with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the core. We collect data as the shipment passes through different points. We use the data for process improvements. Our data-driven approach helps us to customize our solutions for our clients. Thus helping us to increase the efficiency of the service.

About Domestic Transport
Multimodal Transport Logistics Services

Multimodel Transport

A hybrid solution always brings out greater efficiency and flexibility in any domain. International logistics is no different. Multimodal Transport leverages this hybrid system. It utilizes more than one mode of Transport to ship goods.

Like any multimodal transport operator, at Sarvam, we ship through a single contract. We offer a great deal of convenience and flexibility. Yes, we manage the shipments based on cost, time, risk and market scenarios. We understand customer needs.

We come up with the best combination. We execute it with perfection!!

Clear documentation becomes important in executing a multimodal transport contract. A proper multimodal transport network is also important to execute shipments with ease. Our strengths in these areas help us deliver value. It is the reason our clients trust us with these complicated shipments.

About Multimodal Transport
Break Bulk & Chartering Logistics Services

Break Bulk & Chartering

Breakbulk is an essential part of the logistics industry. It applies to freight that must load one at a time. Breakbulk cargo may be flour or crude, and It cannot transport it in intermodal containers or bulk.

It is a very regular kind of cargo in the logistics industry. Now it has an alternative in the mode of container shipping. The majority of the freight is divided into categories. So that can be filled quickly with the port's machinery.

Loading and unloading Container cargo is very labor and time-consuming process.

We have breakbulk and out-of-gauge services across the world. It ensures that your project cargo is handled professionally. If you need heavy lift freight or overweight cargo that won't fit in a normal crate, we've got you covered. Breakbulk vessel chartering requires very high expertise and project handling skills. AT SARVAM, this is our value proposition.

About Breakbulk Chartering
Projects and Exhibition Logistics Services

Project & Exhibition

India is rapidly becoming a cradle for infrastructural and industrial development. It implies an enormous number of projects and business exhibition opportunities right here. At Sarvam, we help you in these areas.

Projects require unique services by the nature of the size and volume of shipments. At Sarvam, we understand these needs and ensure bulk shipments through open rack containers, flat racks, and other available bulk shipment options.

For temporary shipments related to exhibitions, how to ship the goods without duty and bring it back. We support you in the ATA Carnet procedures ensuring a duty-free shipment for exhibitions. Let us know where you wish to showcase your products, and we will handle the entire logistics!!

About Project Exhibition
Cross Border Logistics Services

Cross Border

Navigating the Indian supply chain structure can be difficult. Clients face a lot of challenges when importing and exporting goods. Challenges include border crossing hours, customs IT interruptions, and other unforeseen factors.

SARVAM has experience of 10+ years in handling cross border logistics. We help your cross trade business with our expertise and logistics network. At SARVAM, we have handled various types of products. Our value proposition is our expertise in handling high value and complex shipments with ease.

SARVAM is known for its established processes and procedures. Our history defines our time-sensitive delivery and safe delivery. Our clients reach out to their customer’s doorsteps in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan. Our system keeps you updated on every stage of the logistics process. It keeps you assured about your shipments

About Cross Border Trade
Temperature Specific Logistics Solutions

Temperature Specific Solutions

Temperature sensitive logistics needs a well developed expert team with agile technology. It enables us to meet your specific needs. These solutions include reliable express distribution and dry ice supplies.

Our Temperature Controlled Logistics Solutions helps our customer’s supply chain effectiveness. Our technology ensures an effective and reliable solution for every challenge. Be it frozen, chilled, or ambient conditions. We provide shipping tracking, regulatory clearance, and project management.

We plan cost-effective packaging solutions. We cover all aspects of cold storage and warehousing. It includes packaging to transportation, ensuring seamless service to keep you in control. We have an expert team that understands the product to be transported in detail. We provide you with an elaborate plan for logistics and execute it with precision.

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